Monday, August 17, 2009

Regional Property Information System

It's nice to have everything in one place.

That's the theory behind the Regional Property Information System, a database where anyone with Internet access can find a variety of information about city land.

The site, which will be up by the end of the year, will work like an interactive map. You'll be able to print the map, and turn layers on and off to get data. You can search by parcel or census tract, depending on the data you're interested in.

The site will be housed at YSU's Center for Urban and Regional Studies website, but the City will eventually have a link to it, too.

Examples of some of the kinds of information you'll be able to access through the database:

  • Economic data
  • Property improvements
  • Home Mortgage Declassification Act
  • Property tax data
  • Property sales information
  • Tax lien data
  • Census data

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