Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bring on the Buzz

The buzz from Entrepreneur Magazine’s article about Youngstown was certainly well-deserved, and it has proved to be long-lasting.

Google “Youngstown” and “Entrepreneur Magazine” and you’ll find the expected local and regional conversation and the expected but often-forgotten appearances we have in the write-ups about the other cities. Reuters even picked up the story and The Wall Street Journal mentioned the accomplishment when they covered the 10 Living Cities Symposium.

Some people were even pleasantly surprised.

Still though, the buzz continued with Sen. Sherrod Brown’s speech and Mayor William’s appearance on C-SPAN.

We’ve worked this hard to keep it going. Now we can make sure we fully utilize this great marketing tool. The city can make the distinction a label, a logo (Kind of like the one above?), a motto, that could appear on everything from city websites to promotional materials to banners downtown. Businesses could be encouraged to display the honor on their own websites. It can be a visual reminder (and a verbal one to prospective businesses) that Youngstown is back in the game. We knew this already, of course. It just took a while for the rest of the nation to figure it out.

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