Monday, August 17, 2009

Living Cities Symposium

Last year, took a cheap shot at Youngstown and nine other cities.

This year we fought back, during the 10 Living Cities Symposium in Dayton, which recieved national media attention.

During a presentation Aug. 8, The Mayor talked about his request for $5 million in federal stimulus funds for economic development, with which he pledges to create an investment that is three times that amount. He also discussed deconstruction efforts. Phil Kidd talked about the importance of neighborhood groups like the MVOC and community development efforts like the YNDC. The presentation also included the second trailer from the Steel Valley: Meltdown documentary.

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  1. Nice blog!

    Concerning the challenge Mayor Williams proposed on the 5 Million loan, which he promised to triple, can the city please identify what enterprise the Mayor is to invest in to get this type of return? Also, where can we read the details of this investment?